Rheumatoid Arthritis & Pain

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis that has effected all of my joints and is very painful and I have a heal spur that sticks out about an inch on the back of my right heals that is also very painful. So when I saw these VibraThotics insoles my eyes just lit up! I could hardly wait to try them. You order them by your shoe size; they come in their very own storage bag that includes 2 insoles, 2 vibrating inserts that fit into the insoles, a USB charging cord that charges both the right and left one at the same time and a cute remote control that is shaped like a foot! They are rechargeable and took mine a little over an hour to completely charge.

Vibration therapy increases blood flow, stimulates nerves and will also result in anti- inflammatory actions. The VibraThotics insoles are very easy to operate and have 6 levels of relaxing vibration that you can control with that so cute remote control. The built-in arch support helps to soothe your arches and keep your feet from pain and fatigue longer. They have cooling vents that promote air circulation and keep your feet well ventilated, cool and comfortable. The insole can be trimmed to fit your shoes and they have about a 2 day break-in time for you to get use to them. 

Although you can walk on these, I have not gotten comfortable enough yet to try walking with them in and that is because I don't walk all that great on a normal day. But, I will tell you that they do feel so amazing just being in your shoes with that vibration that feels like you are getting a constant massage on your feet and ironically enough you can even feel it in your legs. I wish I had these years ago! I would love for the company to consider applying some heat in these things also. I think that would be a great addition to these already great vibrating insoles. There is nothing that can completely take away pain that some of use suffer but for something like this that can greatly diminish pain and fatigue is an amazing product in my eyes. I freaking love these things and I have even thought about putting them in my socks just to wear while I am in the recliner or laying down, that's how good they feel and how good they make you feet and legs feel. I just want to wear them all the time! - M. Gray

Ragnar Trail Race in Zion, Utah

My first experience with VibraThotics was during the Ragnar Trail Race in Zion, Utah. I ran 3 technical legs of the race and gave my feet a beating. As soon as I was done I used my VibraThotics and they relieved all of the pain that I was feeling. I was surprised that they even seemed to relieve tension in my calf muscles. I love my VibraThotics!

Foot and ankle specialist

I've been a foot and ankle specialist in the southern California area for almost twenty five years. For some reason it seems that I see many of the worst of the worst foot conditions. I gave some of these patients a chance to sample the new Vibrathotics. While I continue to explore the many uses for this product, so far the feedback I've received has been impressive. While Vibrathotics can provide a restful message for the tired aching feet we all get throughout the course of a long hard day, the impressive contoured arch support combined with pulsating vibrations may also provide significant relief for painful peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, neuromas and other common debilitating ailments.
John Santoro, DPM, FACFAS
Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Excruciating pain from neuropathy

For months I could barely walk with a walker due to excruciating pain from neuropathy and circulation problems. After my doctor inserted the VibraThotics insoles I walked out of his office walking almost normally and about 80% of the pain was gone. My wife and I couldn't believe it! The extra benefit of the sole vibrations is great. When my feet and legs get tired or the pain starts. I use the vibrations which soothes and energizes my feet and legs. I have recommended them  to my family and friends and would recommend anyone to try the VibraThotics insoles.
J. Eagle, CA

I have plantar fasciitis & arthritis

I have plantar fasciitis & arthritis. I have been using my Vibra Thotics for 5 days & have experienced noticeable relief & less pain. I use Vibra Thotics several times a day about an hour each time. I walk & exercise while wearing my Thotics.
Joe Krejci
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