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Vibrathotics are different than any other insole on the market. We’ve taken the technology of a big, expensive, loud vibration plate and crammed it all into a compact, portable insole that can go everywhere you go.

Vibrathotics are slightly thicker than a standard insole. The insoles hold a vibration motor, battery, and an electronics board, all of which can be controlled using a convenient remote control. Vibrathotics fit better in looser fitting shoes such as athletic shoes or slippers and can even be used without the use of shoes by just placing your feet on the insoles.

Like any new insole or orthotic it will take time for your feet to adjust to the shape of your new insoles. Gradually increasing the duration, you wear them will allow your fee to adjust slowly.

Vibration is sound so you will experience some noise when the vibration is on. The sound will increase as the vibration level increases.

The benefits of Vibration therapy have been proven by many studies and scientific tests. Depending on the setting of Vibrathotics (low, medium, or high), you may or may not feel the vibration. Just because you don’t feel the vibration doesn’t mean you aren’t receiving the benefits. Even on the lowest setting the vibration is stimulating the nerves and increasing circulation – the two most important benefits of vibration therapy.

It could take some time to get used to the sensation of the vibration on your feet. If this is the case, start off by using the vibration for short increments and increase the duration with each use.

The built-in battery in each insole should last anywhere from 10-24 hours depending on the vibration level. With the provided wall adapter and charging cables the insoles take 2 hours to fully recharge. 



For best athletic performance results, use Vibrathotics insoles for 30-60 minutes pre and post workout. Use 2-3 times per day to maximize recovery

For painful feet, Vibrathotics can be worn and used constantly throughout the day. Stimulating blood flow though vibration can offer relief for painful ailments of the feet including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, cold feet, neuroma, among others.

Charge insoles at night 

how to trim

your insoles

Trim along toe edge following the shape of the insole until they fit snuggly inside your shoe.

how to choose

the best fit


You may need to charge before first use.

Insoles emit low levels of sound due to vibration motor. Sound will increase as vibration level increases (low, medium, high). Choose vibration level suitable for environment.

Vibrathotics are NOT water resistant or waterproof. Do not wear Vibrathotics in shoes that will be worn while walking or hiking in streams, lakes, the ocean, or another body of water. DO NOT wash Vibrathotics insoles.

Vibrathotics should not be worn during high impact training such as exercising, running, jumping, etc. For best results, Vibrathotics should be used for regular daily activities and before and after your workout.