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Vibrathotics uses patent-pending technology aimed at reducing numbness and pain in the ball of the foot, pain in the arch of the foot, and pain in your toes. The Vibrathotics insoles for plantar fasciitis and other foot and leg pains are specifically designed for use in most shoes, and provide comfort all day long and relief from persistent leg fatigue. These revolutionary massaging insoles help promote better circulation from fatigue, provide shock resistance and help minimize the pains associated with ankles, feet, toes, and legs. The durable heel cup provides additional comfort and support.

Product Benefits

No matter how well you take care of your body, you’re going to experience natural wear and tear on your muscles and joints. With the proper care, however, your body can heal itself. Circulation is incredibly important to the way your body heals, and studies show that low-frequency vibration massage can increase circulation. Vibrathotics massaging insoles can improve your circulation, delivering necessary oxygen and nutrients to your feet while removing harmful metabolic waste-without grinding you to a halt.

Pain Relief

Being on your feet all day can cause pain and discomfort that stop you in your tracks. But Vibrathotics massaging insoles provide comforting, soothing low frequency vibrations directly to your feet as you walk to relieve your pain without disrupting your day.


Everyone deserves the comfort and relief of a good massage, but not everyone has the time. Vibrathotics massaging insoles are cushioned to distribute weight throughout your entire foot with every step. At the same time, smart vibration technology massages the soles of your feet for up to ten hours, increasing blood flow and relieving pain wherever you are, giving you the comfort you deserve without slowing you down.

Vibrathotics offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your pair of Vibrathotics insoles, retain product, packaging, and sales receipt and visit for information and instructions.


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